Web Design Worksheet - Quick Start

The Quick Start Worksheet is for those who already have a good idea of what they want their Web site to do and how they want it to look, and don't want to fill out the long comprehensive worksheet.

Keep in mind that the completion
of this form is not a contract.

Nothing is binding. Options can be added or deleted during the design of your Web site as the need arises.

Please take the time to carefully and
thoughtfully answer the questions below.

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Mount Evans Designs Web Design Worksheet

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Decide on how many pages you would like to start out with. More pages can be added in the future as your company grows.

Note: we require a minimum of three pages, unless you are ordering a customized template.

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Please provide us with a detailed description of what you want your Web site to look like and include any special features you want your site to have:

Estimated Date of Completion:

It generally takes 30 - 60 days from start to finish to complete a Web site, depending on the size. Less time If your copy is completed before the design begins.

Click on Let's design a Web site! when you are ready to place your order. You may want to print this page first, before submitting so you have a copy for your records.


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