The team that offers web solutions to all your business needs

Mount Evans Designs has combined forces with several other businesses in a quest to provide you with solutions for all your business needs. Our team is trustworthy and enforces the high standards of customer service and reliability Mount Evans Designs has been known for.

Shad Vick - CEO

Shad has been building websites and ranking them on Google, Yahoo and MSN since the late 90's. He is passionate about web design and development and finds himself building websites when he gets "bored". Shad founded (Mount Evans parent company) and works heavily in helping get businesses new leads through online marketing. He manages general operations out of our Salt Lake City, Utah website design office.

After serving an LDS mission in Guatemala, he graduated from the University of Phoenix. He is an avid supporter of the Boy Scouts of America. He loves spending time with his wife and 5 kids.

Viki Nygaard - Certified Web Designer

Viki is the founder of Mount Evans Designs. Although Viki has strong, natural artistic talent that has shined through since her early childhood, she never felt there was an outlet that would allow her to pursue her passion and make a living, too. After years of working as an accountant in the corporate world, Viki could not continue to deny the attraction she felt for art.

Mount Evans Designs was founded in January 2000 in a quest to fill a prominent hole in the area of Web design. Most other designers do a wonderful job of creating a site within itself. However, not much consideration is given to what happens after the site is posted on the Internet.

Because Web technology is constantly changing and improving, Viki actively continues her education. Currently, Viki is enrolled in online courses.

Parker Wallman - Creative Designer

Parker has over 25 years as an art director operating and managing advertising and creative departments in both corporate and and advertising environments.

A professional since 1975, Parker offers a diverse background including corporate, real estate & hospitality advertising design and marketing & promotion.

Parker's work experience involves business operations, new business development, printing procedures, creative direction, media syndication and media buying and placement. He has been the strategic manager of art direction and design for print, publishing, radio/TV, B2B, corporate advertising, hospitality/leisure, travel and tourism, medical, real estate, and state & local government to name a few.

Sean Hakes - Director of Online Marketing

Sean's previous background was in online marketing. He drove his own business to a successful brand in both the Colorado and Arizona markets as a leader in online marketing and search engine optimization prior to joining Mt. Evans. His ultimate goal was to poise the company for an acquisition merger of which he was successful this year.

He joins Mount Evans not only as a previous php web developer but as the company's key player in assisting clients in online lead generations.

Sean manages the Denver, Colorado office in all website design operations.