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We consider your website to be the most valuable investment your company will make. Your website, when done right will pay for itself over and over. We've found that you get what you pay for. So often companies come to us who wish they would have understood the difference between a reliable company and a fly by night web design firm.

We are reliable and have happy clients to prove it. We want your website to make you money. It's good for us and you. If you make money - you'll come back and reinvest in your website to grow your company. It's the same with most businesses and it's a model that is true.

Web Design Rates

Unlike most other Web design companies, we allow freedom of choice. We are honest and upfront about our pricing structure. Nothing you don't want or need is forced upon you. You'll have a clear understanding of the cost before the project begins and no surprises when you receive the final invoice. And...once we receive final payment, you will have a website that will pay for itself in a short amount of time.

We consider a website an investment. If you have an office or retail shop - the cost of a website is very insignificant considering the return on investment. One lead and sale for many organizations can pay for the entire web investment.

We provide Affordable, Complete Web Design, Programming, Blog Software, Copywriting and more... Especially For Small Businesses

We've provided some basic price ranges for our most common requests below.

Web Design Pricing

Corporate Brochure Website Pricing


Our most popular service is our high end, custom design. We create new custom websites and also redesign existing web sites. We call these corporate brochure websites, because they are just like a brochure in that they describe your company and services. The only difference is you are not limited by the number or printed pages as the content is online.

A typical Corporate Brochure website ranges from $2500-$5000 plus, depending on the number of pages you require, custom functionality and focus on creative. A typical "Corporate Brochure Website" consists of 5-10 informative web pages, though it depends on what you want to include.Custom designed websites include project discovery, custom design, revisions to your design, xhtml/css coding building your web pages, inserting your content and launching your new website.

Depending on your needs we also offer a backend content management system (CMS), blog, forums, shopping cart, contact forms, flash, SEO and web marketing. These will be an additional cost.

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Prepackaged Basic Site Pricing


We have made finding an affordable website easier to do. We offer a variety of predesigned sites that you can quickly and easily customize to your needs. You can browse our design options to find the set up that's right for you. Depending on your needs we can add features such as blog, shopping cart, or forums, at an extra cost.

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E-commerce Solutions Pricing

$1500 - $6500

We provide a several e-commerce solutions that will allow you to get your products online quickly and easily. You can add products, adjust pricing, upload images and control other features on your own without any html knowledge needed. We offer affordable "off-the-shelf" solutions if you're just getting started, or more custom solutions for advanced features. These shopping carts range from $1500 to $6500 plus depending on the functional requirements needed for your organization.

For the advanced e-commerce online retail store, we provide custom e-commerce solutions as well as SEO search engine optimization features. These custom e-store solutions have a multitude of features.

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Corporate Blog Pricing


We offer a simple blogging solution with WordPress configurations and installs for $350. For more advanced custom blogging solutions that take on the look and feel of your website with custom configuring - we start right around $1500.

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Custom Programming - Online Software Pricing

Custom programmed website with advanced online software and e-commerce functionality have many variables that determine pricing. Please contact us so we can understand the exact functionality of your web project.

Other costs you may incur

Domain Name: Starting at $39.95/year.

We provide domain maintenance packages as well to ensure your domain is renewed at the right time so you don't lose it to a domain snatcher.

Your domain name is the address of your Web site. For example, is a domain name.

Hosting/Servers: $39.95/mo - $100+(approximate - depending on your hosting needs).

Hosting includes email addresses for your team, web statistics to track visitors and many other important functions.

Hosting is your website's home on the Internet that you buy or rent as a place for your Web site and domain name to reside.

Photos: $15-$50

Cost varies based on where it is obtained. Most photos we acquire for you run between for web and a little bit more for high resolution pertaining to print.

Photos liven up the site and give visual meaning to the words. We carry a wide variety of royalty-free photos, however, if you require photos that are not in our collection, then you will be required to purchase these photos seperately.

Web Site Maintenance: $120 US/hour

We don't require any contracts and we don't require a one-hour minimum. You are billed in real time, so if it only takes us 15 minutes to make your changes, you are only charged for 15 minutes of time.

We can:

  • Add, remove, or change text
  • Add articles, reports, ebooks or links to existing pages
  • Add logos, photographs, or images

Maintenance services apply to changes to your existing design. Maintenance does not apply to redesigning an entire page or site.

Contact us to inquire about maintenance.

What's included in our Web Design

What defines a Web page?

A Web site consists of many different Web pages. Every Web site has a home page (often called the index page). The rest of the site is made up of inner pages. Pages are most often used to inform and sell. Page examples include: About, Contact, FAQ, Privacy Policy, Terms of Use.

Some websites are informational sales tools while others need e-commerce and custom online software functionality. We can help you with an affordable, basic template website, or assist you with a more complex and personalized site.

What We Do For You

Complete customized design and layout of your Web site includes:

Pre-consultation, creative briefing and custom web design and revisions by our expert staff. We guarantee you will be thrilled with the final product as we take the time in advance to understand your needs. (A final approval is required before we begin to add content to the pages).

Custom Coding to xhtml/css

  • W3C strict 1.0 valid coding
  • Valid CSS coding
  • Home and Sub page template layouts
  • Custom dynamic navigations with css hovers, etc.

Addition of company logo and any pictures that you provide.

Cross-browser compatibility.

Your Web site will display and function properly in most web browsers.

Upload of the completed web site to the Web.

Our Invitation to you

Send us a short description of your project. Together we can review the details, specific requirements and the end result you want for your site.

We'll provide you with a free, no obligation quote for the total cost of your site creation. This interaction provides us both with the information and insights we need to decide if our relationship will be mutually beneficial.

We look forward to hearing from you!