Unique Ways to Promote Your Web Site

2003 Viki Nygaard

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As more and more people enter the E-commerce world they are finding that having a Web site is not the end-all be-all. The question rages on, "Once my Web site is up and running, how do I get visitors to it?"

A multitude of suggestions are offered . . . some work, some are a waste of time. Definitely use the tried and true but also be creative.

Search engine placement is ideal if possible. Unfortunately, some search engines refuse to rank you unless you dish out dough. Even if you pay to have your site ranked, it doesn't guarantee placement. All search engines have specific criteria in what they look for in a web site.

We recommend hiring a search engine specialist to optimize your web pages for the top ten search engines. Don't hire someone who will simply submit your pages to the search engines. Find a specialist who analyzes your pages for the best keywords for your business and makes suggestions for improvement.

Here are some other unique suggestions that can help you improve traffic to your web site:

  • Place an ad in a newspaper or magazine. Be sure to include your web site address. Make a special effort to place the ad where your targeted customers are most likely to find it.

  • Cross-link. Scan the Internet for other web sites that are related to your business or that would benefit from your business. Contact the owner and ask if they would provide a link to you on their web pages. Many will ask you to provide a link on your web pages back to them.

  • Write articles. Write about fresh and exciting ideas that relate to your business. Submit them to article archive sites who's traffic is newsletter and ezine publishers. Your articles should contain your web site address and a brief bio.

  • Teach a class. Offer seminars or teleclasses that provide people with useful information that pertains to your business. This can also end up being another source of income for you.

  • Join a forum or E-group. There are thousands of Internet groups that relate to all different kinds of interests and businesses. This is a great way to get acquainted with people who may become valuable contacts for you in the future.

  • Sign your e-mails. Many e-mail programs have a signature option. Add your web site url to the signature so that it is included with every e-mail you send out.

  • Have an "Open House". Have a virtual "Open House" page designed. Give away prizes and run Web specials. Invite everyone you know and encourage them to tell their friends. Advertise the Open House in the newspaper.

  • Design a flyer. Design an eye-catching flyer and include tear-off tags with your Web site information. Hang it up on bulletin boards in your community. Make sure you obtain permission if required. Try grocery stores, community rec centers and local colleges.

  • Add your URL to everything. Make sure your Web site is listed on all your business cards, letterhead, etc.

  • Have a window sticker designed. Include your business name and Web site address and stick it in the rear window of your vehicle.

A word of caution: Do not send unsolicited e-mails to people advertising your business. This is considered to be "SPAM".

Advertising of any type takes time to produce. As you consistently promote your business through creative, targeted ways you will begin to notice more and more traffic to your site. Before you know it, your business will be attracting new customers on a regular basis!

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