Web Design Worksheet - Comprehensive

Our Comprehensive Worksheet is recommended for those who are unsure of their Web site needs and design. It will help you define your goals and vision for your site while giving us insight into your individual taste and style.

We provide a comprehensive
questionnaire for several reasons:

To be sure you're aware of the many options available when building your Web site

To help us get a good idea of your vision for the site

To ensure we design your Web site to meet or exceed your needs
To enable us to provide an accurate quote

Keep in mind that the completion
of this form is not a contract.

Nothing is binding. Options can be added or deleted during the design of your Web site as the need arises.

Please take the time to carefully and
thoughtfully answer the questions below.

Questions? Feel free to contact us at any time!

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Mount Evans Designs Web Design Worksheet

Fields with an asterisk (* ) are mandatory.

* Your name:
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Have you registered a domain name?

Please specify:

Although you are free to use any domain registrant you choose, we recommend registering your domain name at Safe-Domain-Solutions.com, for $21.00/year. After your registration, you will be given full access information to your own, personal domain name control panel. Manage, update, transfer or change your registration information any time you choose with no hassle, no waiting and no additional charges.

We only refer you - our clients - to reputable firms and organizations that we trust enough to use ourselves.

Do you have Web hosting?

 Please specify:

What is the purpose of your Web site?


Things to think about: What do you hope to achieve with it? What are your goals? Is your purpose to attract a larger audience through search engines? Or to provide information to your current customer base?

Who is your target audience?


Who do you want to sell your service or product to?

Things to think about: Who are they? What is their gender? What is their occupation? How old are they? What kind of information are they looking for on your site? What sort of "look" would they be attracted to?



Do you have a logo you would like to use on your Web site?

Yes No
No, but I am interested in having one designed

Choose a color scheme.

We recommend choosing one color as your primary color and one or two complimentary colors.

Things to think about: colors represent EMOTIONS and PERCEPTIONS.

  • Elegant, business-like colors include colors such as navy blue, burgandy and beige.
  • Fresh, healthy colors include bright colors such as yellow, blue and green.
  • Loud, high-impact colors include vibrant colors such as red, yellow, blue, orange and purple and black.

If you are unsure about colors, we can help you choose. We also design logos and provide corporate branding services.

Web sites you like....and don't.


List several Web sites that you really like and describe what you like about them and/or what features they have that you would like to have implemented into your own Web site:

Things to think about: Spend time browsing the Web. Take note of the Web sites that appeal to you. What is it you like about them? The layout? The colors? The navigation? The fonts?

Tip: Visit your competitor's Web sites. What would YOU do to improve them and how could you implement improvements and enhancements into your own site?

Web site(s) where you like the layout of the page:

The layout of the page refers to the placement of items throughout the page.


Web site(s) where you like the navigation of the page (buttons/links):

Each Web page generally has 2 sets of navigation. The first set is usually done as graphics and are either across the top of the page, or vertically on the side of the page (usually the left side). The second set is done in plain text and is located at the bottom of the page.


Do you want your navigation buttons to change when the mouse rolls over them?

Yes No Don't know

Web site(s) where you like the colors/color combination:


Web site(s) where you like the fonts used:

We recommend using Web safe fonts such as Arial or Verdana. However, fancy fonts can be used for headings and subheadings. The most important thing is that they are easy to read.


What you DON'T like:


List one or two Web sites that you really dislike and describe what you don't like about them and/or what features they have that you would NOT want implemented into your own Web site:


Decide on how many pages you would like to start out with. More pages can be added in the future as your company grows.

Note: we require a minimum of three pages, unless you are ordering a customized template.

  Approximate number of pages:
Home Page - This is the first page of your Web site and it is mandatory. It's also known as the index page. It should clearly state what your Web site is about. It sometimes includes a mission statement and contains links to your "inner" pages. This page is your most valuable page, as it is the front door to your Web site and will be the first impression that your visitors will have of you.
Inner Pages - here is a listing of some of the most popular inner pages. Check which pages you want for your Web site. You can add additional pages to meet your needs:
About Us Page - This is a page about you and/or your company. It may include your credentials or your resume. You may also what to include your picture.
Resources Page - This page contains a listing of links and resources that are relevant to your Web site and may be of interest to your visitors. This is a good place to list Web sites that you have affiliate programs with.
Services/Rates Page - This page contains a listing of your services or products and can also list your rates and prices.
Contact Us Page - This is a page that contains information on how to contact you. Often times it contains a form for your visitors to fill out. It may also contain your address, phone number, fax number and email address.
Testimonials - This page may contain letters of recommendation or testimonials that your clients have written for you.
Policy Page - This page provides a clear definition of how you intend to use information collected on your site.
Site Map - This is a page devoted to site navigation and contains a detailed map of your Web site.


Don't forget the search engines!

What is the #1 key word or phrase that you think people would use to find your site on the search engines?


List additional key words and phrases:

Who is going to write the copy (text) for your Web site?

Will you be using our copywriting services? Note: copywriting services are flexible. You can choose to only have one page written or several. You could even choose to write your own page and have our copywriter fine tune it.

Note: we offer a special Web design/copywriting package

Yes No

To avoid unnecessary delays, we recommend that the majority of the copywriting is completed before the Web design process begins. You will need to have your copy in electronic format, preferably in MS Word format.

Any other thoughts, comments or ideas:

Take note of any additional thoughts and ideas that you have for your Web site.

Do you want a copyright statement at the bottom of your pages (recommended)?

Yes No Don't know

Do you want a Flash movie added to your Web site?

(extra cost above the $95/page rate - depending on project specifications)

Yes No Don't know

Do you need a shopping cart?

(extra cost above the $95/page rate - depending on project specifications)

Yes No Don't know

Will your Web site be database driven?

(extra cost above the $95/page rate - depending on project specifications)

Yes No Don't know

Do you need a message board?

(extra cost above the $95/page rate - depending on project specifications)

Yes No Don't know

Any other special features? Add these below:
Estimated Date of Completion:

It generally takes 30 - 60 days from start to finish to complete a Web site, depending on the size. Less time If your copy is completed before the design begins.

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